Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on September 23, 2017.

Q: I'm guessing dragonmotherk isn't your real name. What is?

A: KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder, though I go by dragonmotherk online (which is a little more searcheable). On Zebeth, my author character is Kabutroid, and those two usernames account for most every instance of me online.

Q: Wow, this place sure is... pixellated.

A: Nnnnot really a question, but good eye. Yep, I started this site way back in 2002, when an idea sprung up in my mind to make a webcomic. Back then, the site...

Q: Umm, if I could break in here, got a question for ya.

A: *whup*, right, ok, lemme give you the fast version. Big fan of Metroid, was playing the game, idea popped into my head for a story branching off from a part of the game after Kraid's defeated, but before Ridley (minibosses in the game). Read the comic, it spans 15 years and 1200 comics so far :D

Otherwise, the site has more or less become my blog, and otherwise the place where I document the majority of my life in digital form. Most things I've made in the physical world are listed in the Stuff section, and the Bonus section houses random comic strips and... yeah, it's a bit of a rat's nest, but it's organized to a point. I've kept it pixellated because I just love pixellated graphics! Old-school gaming and all that such. Easy to make a comic and put my idea out quickly, easy to customize, all stuff I love. Embrace the pixel, yo!

Alright, sorry 'bout that, there's the basic rundown. What can I do for ya?

Q: I hear tell of lasers and mandible jaws, could you tell me more about that?

A: Oohh, yes, those suckers. So yeah, you point in a direction, and try shooting a laser. It's wicked fun. Now, y'got these claw-like appendages at the end of your arm-sticks, and it kinda blasts out from the center of there, all energy-aura like and stuff. Only works on Zebeth though, planetary emulator thing. Don't worry, you'll get used to that.

Speaking of, you're a Zebethian Space Pirate by the way! Click here for a convenient list of the creatures of the Metroid universe (though most living on Zebeth are quite friendly). You can point your arm in real life and blast your powerful, pixellated lasers, though it may only be visible in the Zebethian realm. One day, prophecy foretells of a day when the realms shall overlap, and your hardened carapace and beak-snout will appear. But only to the true Zebethians. Never stop believing, and never stop blasting your arm-cannon. It's rumoured that you must fire your lasers on the prophecied day, and with a flash of powerful energy your true Zebethian form will appear. Believe me, it can look quite impressive

Any and all kinds and all that, y'got claws, lasers, mouth-gnasher, and pixels. Y'got it all!

Never stop believing

Q: Awesome! Zebethian, rolls off the tongue nice. And what's your name by the way?

A: I go by a few names. In Zebeth I'm Kabutroid, my online name is dragonmotherk, and my chosen name is KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder.

Q: Cool, cool, interesting place you've got here. And you do livestreaming too?

A: I certainly do. I used to have a business based on it, where I had subscribers on Patreon, but was unable to make ends meet doing so. I've since had several jobs, and then joined college to become a health care aide.

Q: So umm... the Kabucam gallery has a lot of photos of you. I can't help but notice that you're a girl now.

A: Right, the girl thing. I'm openly transgender (and have a transgender symbol tattooed on my left ankle), started hormone therapy in October of 2016, legally changed my name and gender in November of 2016, and fully live my life how I'm meant to now. I like to describe it as a car analogy... I may have a male chassis, but there's a girl driving the truck :P

Q: Oh, well, that takes the fight out of it. Is there anything else you can tell me about yourself, or this place?

A: I basically document my life and my ideas on this website. It's helped me immensely through some of the more difficult times in my life (I've been through things).

I'm getting along well though. Bit of hard times lately, but I won't prattle on about economic conditions here, I've done that enough elsewhere. Otherwise, I've come to a realization that my love in life... what gets me out of bed in the morning... is making stuff! I also love streaming online, where I get to chat with my viewers, make things, and just enjoy every minute of it. I'm often throat singing with sheer bliss while livestreaming :)

Q: That sounds awesome :D. Anything else you can add?

A: This website has a ton of secrets in it. Well over a hundred at this point. Secret pages, secrets in the source code, secret links, there's TONS! See how many you can find! I can point out this one, or maybe this one.

Otherwise, I've had lots of help from friends and fans over the years with the coding, computers, and just about everything else in some capacity. Thanks everyone for all of the help, and I'm going to keep doing what I love to do... make stuff, put it online for all to see, and enjoy life to the fullest :D

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions :)

Kabutroid / dragonmotherk / KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder