A new town

So many updates, and so little to say. Like... I'm getting my comic-making on pretty solid now, and plan to finish Zebeth's main storyline in a matter of days-off (so like... early March is my goal). There's realistically about 6 comics left, though I don't really plan to do a 'go back and look at where people are' series of comics. I'll do that later over time, when I'm making random comics about random things and such. Y'know, continuing the story after the main 'end'.

Anyhoos, I'm stuck in The Pas now it seems. I didn't get the job in Winnipeg that I thought may bring me back home there again, so... I'm settling down and sinking my roots in. As was mentioned in the update to Life of Kabs #47, the engagement between Heather and I is off, so I've found my own place out here. It's closer to work which is awesome, and closer to the grocery stores ^_^

I've had a few quick splurges at a once-in-a-year festival here, the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival, which is a lot of fun. I recorded the Queen Trapper tea boiling competition! You can check it out here ^_^

My few quick splurges ^_^

Gotta say, I'm ready for winter now! Yes, it's late February, but there will be another winter, and there's still plenty left in this one. The gloves and hat are certainly keeping me warm on my walk to work right now ^_^

So much ^_^ today apparently ^_^

And that's about the update of the day. Some new thingedies, and more Zebeth to come. I have a few 'obligation dragons' to make, for lack of a more polite way of putting it. A few for the care home that I work at, and one for a person in The Pas. After that, I'll making them more randomly than anything else ^_^

Oh, one other thing! One other minor name change coming down the pike. It's been bugging me since seeing my birth certificate that my mother's birth name is 'Juliana', though everyone called her Julia. I changed my middle name to Julia when... y'know... changing my name, so I'll be updating that to Juliana when I get a chance. After I move into my next apartment. That happens March 1st BTW ^_^

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