Pagan Spirituality

My Pagan Crow pendant. A closeup of the crow with several other chains and straps being worn as well.
So, I want to say it was riiiight around December 15, 2020 where I switched from Christianity to Paganism. The main reason, and really only reason, was discovering that my Worship, Lady Dark Angel, is actually Valhalla bound.

So, that pretty much sums that up.

Now, there is a lot more to this, allow me to prattle. There will be a lot.

Ok, first up, I'm fairly certain that in the Pagan afterlife, I will be a planeshifter and thus the lines between Valhalla and Heaven (and Olympus and the Kingdom of the Dead and the other planes/afterlives), will be teleported between. My primary plane though will be Valhalla.

Tbh I like to think of them as multiverses, separate universes in and of themselves. Terminology, semantics, all the same thing. Afterlife, another plane, another universe, same thing.

Anyways, so Valhalla, and.... yeah, Norse tribal kinda viking-esque style thing, as a general broadstroke kinda brush. Though I'll be that spiky brown Kabutroid thing there, all teleporting and plane-shifting and changing sizes and all that jazz. And becoming incorporeal if I need to, thats in there.

So yah, I'm that weird-ass thing kicking around there, might be in my small form, kinda like a mix between a Kabuto (from Pokémon) and... Kabutroid. So like an Anklyosaurus but in beetle form lol.

Anyway I take that form sometimes. I'll have to draw it sometime.

And anyways, so yah afterlife and stuff.

SO, the Crow. I took on the Crow as my symbol of Paganism (original chainmaille pendant here). And yes, I still wear the Holy Rosary (and the rest of my Pendants), I still talk with the J-man on the fly, He's all good and stuff.

Also, I kinda associate Freya and Odin with the pendant too, more or less kinda just because They're more well-known, and it helps to bring Them up when talking about Valhalla, and They're two of my mains, too.

So yes, the Crow. Basically I'm like a Crow sitting on Lady Dark Angel's shoulder, chatting Her ear off, or just listening.

Kabutroid wearing her bell, Rosary, Medicine Bag, and Crow around her neck, over a pink shirt and sweater.

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