The slingshot strap

A happy accident while teaching myself nålbinding

A display sling for a gorgeous slingshot.
This project strangely came about from a happy accident while teaching myself nålbinding, because why not, and I ended up keeping it. I was following the linked tutorial, using some of my friend's yarn (Golden Rose colour worsted 98% acrylic, 2% metallic thread) and a hand-whittled needle (the larger one is for shirt yarn). I followed that tutorial, got a few stitches in, but soon did... something, and that little pouch of several nålbinded weaves was locked into place, with a fairly long strip on one side. The slingshot sitting on the rug, with the pouch showing to the side.
Seeing the potential of this practice piece, I broke the yarn off on the other side to match the length of the first, and cut a few tiny strips of a bicycle inner tube to make elastics to hold it onto the slingshot (currently also in possession of my square one project). I debated at first whether to have the elastic go over the yarn on both the front and back of the slingshot, but that was too functionally inaccurate for my likings, and swapped it to the current format. Not that it's functional anyway, seeing as the yarn neither stretches, nor is it all that securely attached (just enough to not fall off, really). But it looks nice, and that's the important part :).

Made Dec. 2016

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