Square One

Learning to knit

My very first knitted thing.
Gotta love the digital age. When else in history has it been so *possible* to document a new skill down to the very shirt that my very first square was made from. Bit of a story behind it, this was once a white Atari shirt (from the shirt pile that is my present yarn supply), that had a handful of strippers' signatures on it.

Perhaps that needs a bit of backstory. I was invited to a batchelor party (prior to coming out as transgender), and the 'thing' was to wear a white shirt, and you'd ask people to sign it at the strip club. So yeah, that was fun and stuff, and now the shirt gets repurposed into something else, after being cut into approximately 1 inch strips.
The knitted faded white square, on top of a black laptop computer.
I made it with a pair of chopsticks, which are incredibly unsuitable for knitting due to them being tapered the entire length. Though that said, it's kinda cool that at the moment (Dec. 2016) I can literally show every knitting needle I've ever used. This square was made on approximately November 30th 2016, and I got into it more or less because I have that aforementioned pile of shirts that I wanted to repurpose. And hey, turning them into yarn works :D

And so now having made my first square, I'm left with the dilemma of what to do with it. It's a small, approximately 2 inch square piece of knitted fabric. Therefore... a slingshot cozy! I kinda tie it around the slingshot, because it's sitting in such a way where one part of it would be leaning against the wall, but I can kinda use this square to be a kinda padded seat between it and the wall.

It's my very first square ever, and that's a convenient place for it to not get lost :P

Made Nov. 2016
The square tied around the slingshot to cushion it against the wall, while it's held up by a beaded necklace.

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