The neck pillow

Borne from the desire to lay down while still wearing headphones

A knitted neck pillow
After having made my first square I had the majority of an Atari shirt, and of course the generic pile of random shirts left over. And I also upgraded my needles, and have been more or less following the theory of 'grab a random shirt, yarn it, then add it to the project'. Inside of this project is the remainder of that white Atari shirt, a black 'The Year of Luigi' shirt, and a Planet Zebeth shirt. Once made, it will be stuffed with the scrap pieces of shirt that couldn't be turned into yarn, and any other miscellaneous extra textiles I have kicking around that I can lop apart into pieces. You may be able to catch me working on this or other projects live, as I've taken to livestreaming my work :) The start of a knitted rectangle, about the length of a needle, and a mostly empty spool.
A fourth shirt entered the fray! The first three shirts made up the side panels, and then the blue Pong shirt came along to weave the sides together into a tube. Due to... probably far more errors than I'd like to imagine, the two sides ended up different lengths. It worked out though, in the sense that it conveniently created a flap with which to close that one side. For funsies more than anything else, I used nålbinding to close off the Pong side. Or at least it's mostly nålbinding-related. To pack it nice and firmly so I could get a solid neck pillow, I lopped apart the tops of the shirts that had been turned into yarn, a sock (extra fabric I had kicking around), a pair of boxers (ditto), and a queen-size fitted bedsheet. I then closed up the opening, closed up one gap in the weave that could have let cloth-scraps through easily, and am left with not the prettiest, but at least a functional, and hopefully washable pillow. I may need to hook the ends together with an s-hook to kinda ball it up, but the materials contained are all washable if nothing else :). The showing a showing a small rotation, after being packed full of cloth scraps.
Well, turns out having a long, dense log of a pillow to work with was kinda annoying, and kept uncoiling from under my head. The ends needed to be connected. And so, I did just that. Using a bit more of the Pong shirt, I wove a small knitted tube, and attached the ends of it to either end of the pillow. THERE we go, problem solved! We've still got the gap that the band of the headphones can fit through, it's a comfortable carrying handle (because seriously, this thing's a brick), and it looks just a *little* bit more like something that was actually deliberately meant to be made :P

So there we go, got some practice in, got me a neck pillow, and it's conveniently stretched out all tight so I can easily examine my weave and the many mistakes. Hey, it's about learning :D

Made Dec. 2016
The two ends pulled close together and attached to eachother with a short length of blue knitting.

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