Welcome to the hidden valley of EXTRA DRAGONS!!!!

A whole big pack of chainmaille dragons in a pile!
Dragon Progression
A small red dragon made up of only the body and shoulder plates, on an offwhite surface.
Dragon Caterpillar
The body of the dragon with the tail now having grown.
Minor Dragon Snake
The dragon with the head now present.
Major Dragon Snake
A full dragon with legs and a clasp. The clasp is when it learns how to fly.
Full Dragon
A full dragon curled over, showing the scratching on the scale. It presently shows K H, which Kabutroid tested using for a short time to closer match dragonmother katielynne's name at the time, though she soon returned to using K.T. as a signature.

Dragons At Play
Octavia watching Sabrina be born (2017)
Octavia and Shade on an abacus case
Octavia on a log
Octavia swimming
A pile of dragons
Watching Aurora be born
A pack of nine
Chef looks over the dragons
Robin in the dark
And playing in the grass
Josephine and Ledasha
A pack of three
And here four
Charlotte in the cave (2018)
Basking in the sun
Watching the river
Me and my dragons
Octavia and Charlotte creating a design
And then Vixen and Ruby joined
The pack gathers
They all say goodbye to Ingrid and Freya
Off she goes to her new home
The nest
Watching Erica be made
Charlene welcoming Mary Anne into the world
A balled up dragon
A second joins the fun
Robin in the trees (2019)
Just relaxing
The whole pack
Errr, NOW the whole pack 😊
Dragons riding along with me
A temporary setup
Chilling in the snow
Charlemagne and Cleopatra
Octavia nuzzles me
Nothing like a good scrubble in the snow
C&C get talked into it as well
The aftermath of play
C&C, who for a short, brief time had wings
It's time for Robin to say goodbye
C&C saying goodbye to Robin
Curled up in bed
Browsing the net
Bitey standing by
C&C and Octavia saying hi to Tamara
A trio chilling
Tickling the dragon's tail
Best part about wearing your dragon
Echo is born amongst the dragons
Witnessing the rebirth of Bambi as Angela
Nikki and Freya come to life (2020)
Octavia on my arm
Two new dragons slither up
Angela comes to greet them
Joined by a fourth
Jacob hanging out with Bitey
David, Alice, and Pahpiw playing (2023)

Informational Dragon Pics
A two part image showing the length of a dragon beside a rolled up scroll, and a small measuring tape showing the dragon about 30 centimeters long outstretched, and about 10 centimeters looped. The dragon in this example is Robin.
Bracelet size approximation
A closeup of the underside of the split tail, showing how the connection was made.
Two-tailed dragon ring arrangement
The underside of the neck of the two headed dragon, showing the chainmaille needed there.
Two-headed dragon ring arrangement
Showing another two tailed dragon ring arrangement.
Two-tailed dragon arrangement two
Showing two dragon tails beside eachother, one with blackened rings and one with silver.
Black rings vs silver rings