Little pendants that I made

A cute little spiral of bark. Ok, I've got to update this when I get a chance. I make little trinkets and charms out of bits of bark and stuff. Leather is pretty good, bits of rubber maybe. Little trinkets and things, I want to sell them for a nickle. Just... a fun little charm that a kid can have for almost nothing ^_^

Anyways, they're like all in England right now, and I'm a few months away from being there with them, so like... we'll get there lol. We gots a pile of 'em. Imagine these two things with a small ring going through them, few layers of crazy glue on the underside type of deal. Also the little bits of leather and rubber and stuff u won't be able to picture as easily but they'll come up :D

A tight spiral of bark, after a thin strip of carved linework dried up into a curl.A small little spiral that goes to a point, about an inch of the linework that dried up, stayed mostly that length, but twisted around 360 top to bottom, sitting in Kabutroid's hand over a work surface.

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