We must plot!

Like hopping up a hill with a backpack full of rocks.


Hopping mind you. Just... imagining that. Man, when you're determined.

There has been progress on my projects though! We have begun carving!!!! Oooohhhh, it's been way too long since I've held my whittling knife in my hands. Fact! My arm was absolutely *killing* me yesterday, so after whittling that first tooth and a half, I took a few days off to avoid doing too much to those poor atrophied muscles, I could barely raise my arm above my head! So we'll slowly work our way back into shape here, no sense injuring myself.

But thankfully, we have a ton of sewing to be done, which is far less hard on that... tricep muscle? The thingy on the underside of the upper arm by the shoulder, that one, strangely, gets a workout when carving. So yes, when that gets tired, we shall sew! And also paint, after I get brushes, we've got a handful of things to do here to catch up on our d&d projects, after which we will hit the chainmaille and staves again. Hopefully, carving these teeth will put me back into shape to do more heavy carving on the staves, so they'll be a good lead-up to the main events :D

Slowly getting there, getting back into things :D


*clump* Ugh... heavy jar... this... is going to... take me ages.
Four hours later
*thump* FINALLY! I'm back!!!
Oh hey!
Yeah, we were watching you!
...Thank you.
Did... you want to roll down the hill again?
Nnnoo, they wandered off after 20 minutes.
Come! We must plot!
*clump* *clump*
Aye aye!

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