The stream

Strip 1313: The stream Link to google search for rye fields


We had a canal, for our part growing up, about a mile and a half away. Y'know, they wouldn't have manmade canals in there, so they gets a stream :D

Oh, and if you are wondering why there appears to be some black sun day thing going on here, it's because this what it looks like when it's daytime out XD

Yes, and that hurts, so that's why we don't do those things XD

Ahhhhh, nothing like the blackness of day filling the plants with glorious energy XD XD

And I tried man, I tried! I played around with the blues, this is the best! Like, it's a little bit overcast, but trust me you do not want it getting brighter XD

Ok, so anyways... actually do you think I should switch to blue? I dunno, it just... looks wrong XD XD XD

How, how can this be the best looking option XD

Ok, so anyways, pretend you're looking at it through a filter, because you live underground, and this would literally kill you if you weren't wearing sunglasses :P

I dunno man, I don't like it either, but whatcha got? Like this is literally the sky from the last comic XD. Medium light blue? Middle blue is just water blue. Bah XD

So yah, black sky it is, sry, limitations of the emulator, the pallet wasn't big enough to fit that X5

Wow that was a lot of ascii emojis. WOOOOOOOH, new record! :D

Kabutroid / KatieLynne

ps: That was a really fun canal by the way, it has this like... cement ramp that went across it in a spot, for like the farmers and stuff, and we'd like bike across it and play there and stuff :D

We caught crayfish :D :D :D


Hey Kraid, wanna visit the stream?
God yes, I am SO BORED!

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