Hillin' potaters

Scorpin' da taters.


Mmmmmmm, one of my favourite tasks on the farm, hilling potatoes. Ahhhhhh. First you scrape some dirt, and then you scrape some more, and keep scraping, we need to cover up the potatoes. Now do that a hundred times :D

Well let's see, 9 rows of potatoes, probably about 20-25 potatoes per row, ok, closer to 200 times :D

Now, let's weed the carrots :D

Note: next comic may not be about weeding carrots, as... oh man, trying to convert that to 8-bit.... dude man, I can't even imagine how I would make Kraid bend down to the point that he can pull a weed. I think we might just say that they did it and call it a day there XD

But yeah, the farm, it was slow. The sun went overhead, the clouds blew by. And you took care of what needed taking care of. Soil is dry, get the sprinkler. See a weed pull a weed. See a potato bug, ok, now there's where you've got to get the tin can, and like... ok, now it's potato bug picking day XD

Which to be fair is really quite cathartic as well :D

Yep, saving the potatoes one leaf at a time ^_^

ps: I like potatoes :D


*scrape* *scrape*

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