Life on the farm

Yup, das what we got. Dey got fields for days, the sun is shining. Seems only eating deep-fried food isn't killing them, so good on them for that. But yup, we got the bar, we got the fields, k, I'm not saying they're literally working for their next drink, but, just like, don't look to far into that one. Drinking is bad and stuff, k. Now let's get them to the bar.

Ahh, da prairies. I tells ya. Living out in the wilds, the swamps. I tells ya, it's been relaxing. And y'know, it woulda been for them too. Mother Brain is trying to kill them for... whatever reason it was back at the start, and then like... k well that's taken care of. What do we have. Well, li-iiiiiiterally the only establishment is a bar, and the only... domestication of the wild is the crops.

I could make a shopping sim, hey? Like, I populate a place with like Geemas and Zoomers and stuff, and they're like... shopping for apples or something. I could domesticate Zebeth, hey, fill it with towns?

I dunno, right now they're in the wilds. There's li-iiiterally wild landscape in all directions, for as far as the eye can see.

So farming sim, hey? Dat's what they've got, the farms!

So a year has passed, so they like grew the crops and stuff.

Oh, and Mother Brain is coming to kill them and stuff. But that's like in the future a little bit, I'm expositioning here and stuff.

So anyways, farming sim :D

Kabutroid / KatieLynne / dragonmotherk


*sigh* ^_^

The frogs

I grew up on the farms, pickin' potato bugs and planting the corn. Hulling the peas.

Let's see what the crew gets up to.





Watching the clouds

Counting the clouds

The alfalfa

Sittin' there

feet all a-tickled by the leaves




There's a cloud......

Looks like a car.......

The slowness of the earth

The sky

I wonder what's at the creek today

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