Assess the damage

I was debating what to have Mother Brain do right after... ummmm... discovering that her heart had been eaten, and you've gotta go see for yourself, you've *gotta*. So... that's what she did.

On that note, I debated how to get Mother Brain into the room. I thought about a few different methods of fitting her into the room, but in this case, I figured the wall sliding method was probably the most elegant way of doing so.

The joys of having Mother Brain as a main character... sometimes you need to find ways of getting her into places that she wouldn't normally be able to get into lol

As another example... Metroid Queen tunnels everywhere.

Mother Brain does not tunnel. Therefore, unless she has designed the area herself (and in this case she has), she cannot fit.

Lol, no wonder she sticks around Tourian.


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