Nothing compares 2 U

To find the right type of song I wanted Kraid to be sobbing out at the end there, I ended up Google searching sad songs, found some link indicating top 25 saddest songs ever, and Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U was one of 'em.

If you haven't heard the song, find it and listen to it, then picture Kraid singing it while sobbing. MAN, I can't help but laugh every time I picture that. It's so pathetisad, I'd punch him in the throat if he were real :P

In either case... everything was successful in the long run. You snapped out of your coma, the Metroids are out of my room, and Samus is back hunting for booze supplies.
I'll still never forgive you for killing my poor innocent pog.
Poor little Tobey. All he wanted to do in life was travel to the vast fields of clumpy dirt stuff on the surface and bask in the sun until he retired. Thanks to you, that day will never come for him.
Oh for god sakes, they have life-goals now?
*hop* It's a friggin' inanimate object! How in the hell is it going to know that it's on the surf... why am I even having this conversation with you?!? It's a pog. I'm going back to the bar. You're an idiot.
♫...'Cause nothing compares. *sniff* Nothing compares... to you...♫
Oh no...
♫It's been so lonely... *sniff*♫
Holy god, get a life.

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