Too much noise!

Not in the slightest! >_>

Four hours later
Sweet... merciful... all things... holy... what the hell... taking... so friggin' long? Bored... out of mind... hungry... as hell... can't take THAT long... listen to... all stupid names... stupid place... need... sleep...
<Ok guys, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere out thisaway.>
<You've been guessing for the past 2 hours and you know it!>
<Well, we could always ask this pinkish-purple thing for directions.>
<Oooh no, I'm not taking THAT risk again. If even one more of them introduces themselves again, i'm going to go stark-raving mad.>
<Well, let's just continue then.>
*snort* DAMNIT! What the hell does it take for a girl to get some friggin' SLEEP around this place? So much friggin' swishing and chattering sounds, I'd swear I was in the friggin' Metroid holding place.

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