A new best friend

For the record, the scratches are just fading into the rest of his hideous wounds. They may have lasted longer if he wasn't already covered in massive red burned skin as is :P

Well anyway, if you're not familiar with my species, I'm a Nova. Probably the most indigenous species of the area.
I'm fairly knowledgeable in pretty much all Zebethian creatures. And sorry, I never got your name.
Oh, my apologies. You may call me by the shortened version of my name... Syracuse.
...Shortened? What the hell is the long version?
Well, if you must know, it's "Syracuse Von Alfredo Jacobson Smith de Sanguine Jones the eighth of the Trabnagian tribe". But then again, that's the naming style of this area.
Samus... I thank you. I think you may have found the greatest place on Zebeth.
Oh god, what have I done?
Am I missing something?
I think I'm going to be sick.

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