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Crocomire Hunter's pet

Strip 305: Crocomire Hunter's pet

Hey... he makes his living wrangling wild animals. Roping this fella up would be a piece of cake. Hell, it's even smaller than him compared to most enemies he's wrangled!

*gasp* *pant* Well... bludgeoning Samus with random glitches for an hour didn't work. What now?
*pant* Find our way to the bar. At least we can numb her pain with alcohol.
But what about Crocomire Hunter? You think he'll be ok in this place?
Eh, I'm sure he can find his way out. Isn't half of his living wandering through mysterious area?
I guess...
Much, much walking later
Ahh, finally out of that hell hole.
Hey Samus... you seem lighter today...
I'm just messing with you. Man, lighten up.
Not that far behind.
Ehehehehe... c'mon little fellow... I've got to show you around to the places I hang out at.
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk*

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