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Samus' life story... summarized

And indeed her story is finally done. Her inner mind got the information... that's all it needed. If only now Samus could see where she is in the real world. Can you say 'muscle cramps'?

And for the record, seeing as people might actually wonder... Samus' inner mind didn't know any of this information beforehand, because as we can see in frame 1, it doesn't pay attention worth a damn. It's got ideas though.

Several hours later
... decided to look into my inner mind, so here I am now.
Zzzz... <snort> huh, wha?
So what's your thought on the situation?
Uhh... what was the second last sentence you said?
Uhh, "My weapons didn't work anymore"?
THERE! Was that so hard? Now, here's my take on that problem...
In the meantime
Damn sidehopper, kicking that door open. Now what?
I dunno? Wait for Samus to wake up?

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