Go, go, go!

Oohh, comments about the comic. And this is comments about the comments about the comic :D


What in the world is this? A three-comic update! Click next a few times for more text. And oh goodness, is there text!

And of course Kraid needs to be there to help Samus up the cliff. I thought of the possibility of using frozen Metroids as stepping stones, but it's too inexact, too much room for error to risk it.

Also, never ask why the Metroids can't see them on that cliff edge. Blind spot, they're not expecting people to be above them. PLOTHOLE FILLED!

But no seriously, that's what I always figured. It's... just out of their sight range, and it's a pretty uninteresting corner, since there aren't any crops around there.

KatieLynne Harder / Kabutroid / dragonmotherk

Forty minutes later
Oh my god, hereshecomeshereshecomeshereshecomes...
*bwam* *freeze*
<What the...>
*bwam* *freeze* *hop* *bwam*
Jump Samus, jump! I've gotcha!
*freeze* *hop*
Go, go, go!

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