The Metroids

2021 Kabs: Oy, and right as I start turning it into a blog. Ugh, prepare for a ride of complaining about the economy. Call it a hunch, I'll put a little blurb here most times just to break apart the comic from the text. Alright, well this one looks clean, it talks about updates to the site, cool. I'll keep ya warned if any economy crap comes up lol

I also, by blind chance, I happened to have started un-bolding the text at the bottom right at this comic because it was getting too big lol. Convenient, hey? Lol, now I get to comment on the blog XD

Oh, and check it out, previous me added the year to the title, I remember this part. Check it out, I add to it in the next comic.


You'd think I would have a lot more to post here, but in all reality I've been getting most things off my chest on my Livestream.

Aside from the postings I've made in the Life of Kabs section, things have generally been going well for me. Somewhat lonely, but well. Getting a lot of outdoor time, biking, hiking, hammocking, all that good stuff. I finished making my permanent charm bracelet for a third time, this time using something other than plastic crow beads. I picked up actual stones for this one... pink quartz, white jade, amethyst, onyx, and blue quartz. The spreader bars linking them together are stainless steel, which due to slightly different hole sizes between beads, I had to bring 18-gauge wire down to 20 or so using a hammer, dremel, pliers, whatever I had on hand. It worked out though, and is holding up a LOT better than the plastic ones. For starters, dirt doesn't cling to these :)

The charms on it are mostly plastic (with two metal hearts), which must be a different plastic since THOSE manage to stay clean through suntan lotion and the like, but I'll slowly be replacing those as I go through life. I've got 10 charm spots, and just about anything can be turned into a charm with a drill bit and titanium ring :D

I also kinda like having a bit of a distinctive sound when I move my right wrist lots. Also, I can make it sound like a rattlesnake XD

I've managed to minimize my life and all my activities, stuff-making, and art supplies organized and accessible inside of a single room. This had been more or less my goal... make my entire life not require more than a single room worth of space. Now, my goal is to find a room in a shared house where I can learn from the others, learn to be more social in general, and overall improve my life and the lives of others. The friend that I'm currently renting a room from works for now, but being stuck here really is kinda holding my potential back :/

Ah well, one step at a time. I've got a few leads on things, and have a lot of other balls in motion. One thing I can say about myself, I always seem to have *something* on the go. Something'll happen eventually. All I can do is be patient, really. Keep hunkering down in my place, spending as little as possible, and doing what I do. Making stuff. Thingies and Stuff, in fact :P

C'mon, buy something from there! Then I can live the life of an artist, rather than a data entry clerk trying to be one.

Also, the chipped tooth in the comic is a reference to my Banner project :P

Oh, also also, I put up a page for my third tattoo, the female sign :)


-Kabutroid's Metroid Relocation Area - Do not break glass - This means you, Kraid-
<Ok, so are we ready to do this?>
<I'm about as ready as I'm ever going to get, let's do this thing.>
<Alright, open your mouth. You two ready? It's not that we've only got one shot at this, but let's keep it simple and do it in one go.>
<POSITIONS! Alright, on three. One... two... THREE!>
*tinkle* *tink* *clink*
<WOOOOH! SUCCESS! How ya doing down there Sylvia?>
<My jaw hurts, and I think I chipped a tooth.>
<Good enough!>

Basically everything is property of Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
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