About time, really

Most of my post is in the last comic, I kinda made these two one after the other.

And now, I think I'm going to go snowshoeing.

She brings up a good point though. What now?
NOW, we get to finish our drinks and relax for once.
YOU get to relax, I get shit to clean up.
You mean order minions to clean up?
Whatever, shutup.
Well Grunky, we're living in interesting times. Mother Brain's dead... ok, that might be about it actually. But it's BIG.
*grunk* *grunk*
It's nothing like the Mother Brain thing though. And at least I was able to get ONE of you up here to share it with me.
*grunk* *grunk* *grunk*
Well, you can tell them about it later.
Ok, so... new Trabnagian, yeah, or nay?
I'm ok with it.
Yeah, that's cool.
Then let the namebuilding begin!
*sniff* I'm so happy!

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