Workplace abandonment

Technically this isn't the room they were assigned to, so union rules dictate that Form 13-A needs to be filled out, two copies both signed in blue ink by both the employer and the employee, to allow for a sudden shift in job role or responsibility, under the circumstances that no better qualified and willing employees, or employees currently waiting for reassignment, are available to fill said requested job position. 48 hour notice is required to be given under such circumstances, with no less than 24 hours being paid time away from the workplace. Should the employer require the position to be filled in less than 48 hours, Form 17-B must be filled out in triplicate, one copy going to both the employer and employee, and the third being sent to the employee's emergency contact as per employee Job Acceptance Form C17-J. Form 17-B must delivered and acknowledged by recipient before employee may begin labour. Should the recipient be deceased, unavailable, or otherwise inaccessible after a time not exceeding 24 hours nor exceeding four (4) enemies assisting in the pursuance of said recipient, the employer acknowledges that said employee is exempt from the aforementioned employment position adjustment.

As a completely random coincidence, this strip... with the first missile to hit the Mother Heart... is posted exactly 12 years after the start of Planet Zebeth... March 16, 2014.

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