Nothing better to do

As long as you're a grunt-worker and avoid being around when the under-jar slidey goo needs to be refilled.

Several paths and doors later
Ok, so just up ahead is one more door, and the guts to this whole contraption are behind there.
Awesome. Man, I'm surprised Mother Brain would even SHARE this type of information with you.
Pfft, you're kidding, right? I've been screwing around down here for god knows how long, I've searched every damned path to kill time. When she starts scheming and plotting, I just... y'know... wander off for a while, and leave her to come up with whatever stupid plan she comes up with.
So... WHY were you on her side?
Well, for one, I didn't particularly want to become under-jar slidey goo.
Oh yeah, lemme tell ya, that's a big part of being Mother Brain's minion.
Well... THAT'S a pretty terrib-
Wait, wait, wait, hold up a second. What?!?
Well, how often is she attacked? Aside from if she snaps and loses it, this is the easiest damn job ever! As long as you're a lowly enough minion.
I... can't really fault that. Too bad though, you're about to be out of the job.

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