Go big or go home

Not that the Rinkas couldn't do that to any wall... but the electricity may make things interesting.

Damn. Gotta give her credit... when she does something big... she doesn't screw around. Let's get moving, time's not on our side.
At least Mother Brain's fat ass is coming in handy, all the paths are big and straight. I hope Geruta didn't get too far ahead.
Well, the fact that they can FLY probably helped them out, and he was in a pretty big hurry, too.
Ugh, way to be optimistic. C'mon, I'll take point, don't hold me up or I'll leave you behind.
Oh, I wouldn't miss this for the WORLD!
Oh wow, I wasn't expecting a path through THIS mess.
Oh yeah, you wouldn't want to have to deal with the crap ahead of here.

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