Leader of the pack

I had actually for a moment forgot that Ridley was supposed to be their leader. Thankfully, Mother Brain provides an excellent excuse.

Uhh... yeah, I generally try not to flee my own bar. Bad for business and such.
Sorry, wow. Ok, anyway, I'm a Space Pirate, who was assigned tocome here and find...
Wait, hold it there.
YOU'RE a space pirate?!?
Well, yeah. I was assigned to come here...
Hold it! Shit man, I'm Ridley! I'm a high-ranking leader of the Space Pirates! Are YOU what the new models look like? God, it's been FOREVER!
YOU'RE Ridley?!? Hell, I've only heard STORIES about you! Noone's heard from you in like... forever! After you were sent to protect Mother Brain, we never got another communication. We all just assumed you were long since dead.
Well, not quite.
Mother Brain kinda... tricked me into being locked in a room to protect her. She didn't... y'know... send any info back to headquarters?
Nope... and when we asked, she said that you never showed up.

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