Nothing new

Move along... nothing to see here :P

Ahh, sweet, sweet green-groundy area. Soon, you will lead to blue-groundy area. Soon, you will lead to blue-groundy area... and the bar.
Yep nothing like the... whup, hey Gronky... familiarity of the bar, people that I know and don't want to kill most of the time. *leap*
*gronk* *gronk*
Although I hope Ridley won't be pissed off about me not finding Metroid-thingy. Eh, whatever. It was a wild goose chase, and he knows it. He was just hoping I'd get lucky.
Several minutes later.
RIDLEY! I return... no sign of Metroid-thingy though.
Damn. Well... did you at least come across anything else either useful or unusual?
Dunno, wasn't really paying attention otherwise. Don't think so though.
Yeah, figured as much.

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