Transition (MtF)

Kabuthunk becomes a tranny

There is unfortunately little here at the moment, though this page will slowly grow and become more developed, like my breasts, HAH!

Although as a disclaimer that I should probably have that here, more to protect myself than anyone else, I personally fully identify as transsexual (male to female), and have personally accepted and taken on the title 'tranny'. This is unfortunately still seen as a derogatory word to much of the world, so please do not use this word in reference to anyone other than myself. I see tranny as identical to trans, except it rolls off the tongue a bit better. I never grew up with negative connotations towards it, so I personally see it as a perfectly acceptable word.

Whew, that out of the way, yay hormone therapy :D

Please enjoy these several pictures of Kabuthunk from before and after transition in the meantime :)