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Susan - March 31, 2019

Susan is the dragon of life. Vivacious and full of energy, Susan never hesitates to join the party. Whether a hike in the woods, a lively beach outing, or a quiet night in with friends, she will be one of the first to join in. Full of love and boundless enthusiasm, even when relaxing at home, she's already thinking about her next adventure.

Little known fact: due to such a rush to get her to her adoptive mother, the adoption scroll came slightly later. So for the purposes of having her photo with her adoption scroll, as is custom, I've roughly photoshopped her into the image ^_^

Darryl and Darryl - March 24, 2019

Darryl and Darryl are the dragons of contemplation and exuberance. Nature lovers to the core, these dragons love the outdoors. Coming from off the beaten path, these dragons tend to enjoy working with what they have, and seeing what they can do with it. One part stoic contemplation and one part exuberant enthusiasm, these dragons dwell on what they've learned, while at the same time throwing their hearts and laughter into everything they do.

Darren - March 17, 2019

Darren is the dragon of warmth. He loves curling up under multiple blankets, and making sure that others are just as comfy. A dragon of happiness as well as warmth, he likes to make sure that people are as cozy as possible. An extra blanket, fuzzeier socks, this dragon will go out of his way to make sure that you're as comfy as possible.

The third dragon gifted to St. Paul's personal care home. He loves to make sure the residents there are comfy, and will keep an eye out for anyone who could use a nice warm sweater ^_^

Gloria - March 10, 2019

Gloria is the dragon of compassion. She loves to help others, and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Whether it's fetching a coffee for a friend or giving someone a foot rest, she likes to make sure that they have a wonderful day. Full of love, this dragon is sure to make you feel welcome.

The second of the dragons gifted to St. Paul's personal care home, keeping a kind, compassionate eye on the residents.

Simon - March 08, 2019

Simon is the dragon of speed. Rushing to the aid when called, this dragon doesn't dawdle. While taking the time to finish one task, his mind is alraedy on the next, nearly placing his feet in the correct positions already. A smile on his face and a jump to his pace, this dragon likes things pretty, precise, and punctual.

Gifted to the St. Paul's personal care home, this is one of three dragons watching over the residents there, and making sure the aides keep a quick step when going to help.

Charlemagne & Cleopatra - January 26, 2019

Charlemagne and Cleopatra are the dragons of the void. Void is that which exists outside of and surrounding all elements, defining them in its absence as silence defines the musical note it surrounds. This is the nature of void. This is the nature of Charlemagne and Cleopatra.

Corbin - January 19, 2019

Corbin is the dragon of trickery. He enjoys playing simple pranks like swapping your pen for one that doesn't write when you're not looking, or responding with a silly answer and snickering about it when you go "huh?" He really is a playful dragon though, and loves playing around with you, suggesting fun little asides as you go, like jumping in rain puddles, or howling at the full moon like a silly. Don't be surprised if you find yourself climbing trees again, or dropping ice cubes down your friend's back with him around. A playful trickster, he's a fun dragon to be around.

Amieko - January 10, 2019

Amieko is the dragon of life. Living to the fullest, this dragon gets as much from every day as she can. From the moment she wakes up, she has plans on the go. She could be finishing off yesterday's projects before breakfast (if she even slept), making plans with others for later, and catching up on her social media before she even gets to the kitchen. With no shortage of things to do, places to go, or plans to attend to, she loves life and squeezes every drop out of it.

My pinkest dragon, she is the only dragon to have pink eyes ❤

Jill - December 20, 2018

Jill is the dragon of revenge. She is the keeper of knowledge, the saviour when all seems lost. The best revenge is to move along effortlessly, and not dwell on the past. Should her brother dragon Albert go missing, she allows the birth of dragons to go on unimpeded. The piecemeal backup, she ensures that dragonmaking will go on no matter what. Different from Albert, she bares extra teeth with her second style of dragon head.

She will forever remind me how to make a dragon.

Albert - December 20, 2018

Albert is the dragon of power. He experiences much and remembers all. The primary of my piecemeal dragons, he is used in reference when any new ones are made. His upper tail especially, the strand of Elfweave, has been used to start the tail of virtually every dragon I have made. Humble, important, and powerful, this dragon watches the birth of every new dragon to follow.

He had been given a name long ago, and consisted of only the Elfweave section, an arm, and eventually a head. A second section of Elfweave and an arm were made for Jill long ago too. On one solid chainmailling afternoon though, both of the piecemeal dragons were complete ❤