Secret Zone

Random act of violence employed by Kabutroid #2:

This one's fairly straight forward. It doesn't involve any particular violence or anything towards a living creature, but towards general objects. The reason I mention it is... it's fun as fuckin' hell. First, you make a potato gun. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, it's about 3 feet of 1.5 or so inch pvc pipe, which then has an attachment on one end so it can be fixed to about 1.5 feet of 10 or so inch pvc pipe. It's then capped on the large end, whereby the cap can be screwed and unscrewed. Now, you cram a potato in the small end, open the back, spray it full of bugspray or aerosol hair spray, and cap it. Now, there's two ways to fire it. One method is to have a small hole in the side of the large part, and you hold a match over that. That sucks. We had a barbeque lighter fixed into there, so all we pressed was a button to fire it. And MAN does that potato go far. Me and my family in general nailed countless shook-up cans of coke, eggs, sides-of-neighbour's-house (when they're not at home obviously), and various other inanimate objects. Didn't even try to take out a blackbird. Goes way too slow to hit a moving object... but the potato still explodes nice when hitting something solid. Oh yeah...

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