Whelp, looks like we're stuck indoors this year gentlemen. Prepare for the long haul, I'm predicting November at earliest before things are fully back to normal; and by that I mean the virus is out of the news.

Of course there is everyone shouting that essential workers should be paid more, the financial devastation, schooling being disrupted, and the whole of society discovering entirely new things about themselves due to months of seclusion. Groups and organizations will have formed, charities begun, and wow, there is no way of predicting how much actual change is going to come at the end of this. Just... the repercussions of an entire global shutdown, followed by months of poverty with billions of people not having employment. Entire offices have moved online, which I'm sure will have dramatic effects once lockdown ends.

This is an absolute first in human history, the entirety of the planet going on lockdown.



So yeah... that's something to think about. I'm just riding it out on my end here in my little artists nest, and seeing what comes our way.

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