Tannis, for short

2018 EDIT: So yeah, my name WAS indeed legally changed to Tannis Wilbert Julia Harder, but then a year later changed to KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder. To make a long story short, Tannis was a 'borrow name,' the name of a girl from high school that always stuck in my mind. It was a cool, unique name.

And then one day the name KatieLynne popped into my mind, and it was like stars struck. That was what my name was meant to be. It's prairies, it's feminine, it's unique. And, it has two uppercase letters in it ^_^

Tannderpafflesmith can keep the acronym TANNIS. KatieLynne lives on <3

I really had no idea where I was going with this comic up until about the third frame. I just started re-reading Zebeth, and kept giggling like a schoolgirl as I got to parts that particularly amused me. Ahh, memories... almost like it was yesterday, I can remember coming up with that storyline. Kraid smashing the bomb powerup... the beginning of Boxy... and there was also Geruta getting his purple arm.

But like I was saying, I really had no idea where I was going with this comic, but I felt that something needed to be said for the minions that saved Tannderpafflesmith's life, and the Geruta that the arm had to have come from. I remember back when I first wrote that strip, which woulda been... somewhere in 2002, anyway. I remember thinking that I'd have to get back to where they got that arm from.

Long story short, Tannderpafflesmith the 107th got mauled by a pack of wild Rios, and through a bizarre series of coincidences, her eventual passing coincided with right about the time and place that the trio came across the passed-out Geruta. And one of them happened to be a surgeon knowledgeable in this exact procedure. Like I said, long story, funny story, remind me to tell it sometime. Hilarious, I assure you. So anyhoo... Tannis :)

Y'know, I've been pondering the idea of changing my name legally at some point or another in the future. I haven't ruled it out. Tannis. I like it. It'd be a mononym, like Cher.

Haven't entirely ruled out Kabuthunk either, but it would take quite a significant number of very bizarre changes in my life to actually push me in that direction.

Tannis though... I could see that. I like it.

Oh hey, on another note, I'm running a Poplar sapling experiment, check it out :D

Speaking of, I've gotta go lop off some chunks of staff, it's been a week. No cracks forming in The Control yet, but I think that might be because, by blind chance (I just grabbed randomly), that's the thickest part of th sapling. The bark's hardened up and thickened up a little more, and the thinner barks are all in their various methods of preservation. Ah well, I'll take this week 1 chunk for all of them, and see if I need to leave it for 2 weeks before the next chunk. After this, I'll basically be waiting until I see it starting to crack or peel, and take note of how long it took.

...Hope I don't have to re-start this test with a new sapling. Really, most of the carving would have taken place on the thinner parts... the thicker part is the head.

Ah well, see what happens with all the pieces in general anyway, document the shit outta it.

Basically everything is property of Nintendo, who I'm hoping still let me keep doing my thing. It's a parody. And free. Did I mention they're awesome too?
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