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Half, but never whole.

You know, I thought you'd be more than... just a big freakin breain.
You underestimate me Vorock.
Let's get right to the point. Why did you call me?
I'm giving your orders.
You will not speak to me that way.
I'm 'sooo sorry' oh 'great Queen'.
Hmph, mocking me will get you nothing. Now for your orders. They are simple really, just capture Samus Aran... if you can.

What are you waiting for?
How am I supposed to know who this is? I've only been out of that room for maybe 20 minutes max. You're the giant brain here.. you should know this.
A Space Pirate will give you specifics on the way out. I can not explain right now, for something my minions are working on is almost complete. You will a matter of time.
She never explains everything.. don't worry about it.

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and related characters are all property of Nintendo. Vorock, Rezuni, and all other original characters are my own creations. This comic was created soley by me, using only MSPaint. The html was based off of Hiroshi and Kabutroid's HTML and my own knowledge.