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Getting revenge.

Gee, why does that Rio look so odd..

You guys really should go there. It's not as bad as you think.
Well fine, if you want to go and get yourself killed.
Pfft... you're both just scared of Samus.
Hahaha.. you actually thought I was goingto kill you? No, you're not annoying me yet or attacking me. I just came to ask you a question, that's all.

Wait, what?
Did you go to Ridley's bar about a week ago?
Yes, yes I did. I'm guessing that he told you about me?
Yes, he did. He said you are the one to go to, if I want the Wave beam. I would prefer the Ice beam, but anything is better than this silly Power beam.
Ice beam? Sorry... I don't know where that is.
Oh well...
I'll take you to the Wave beam though, follow me please.

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