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Cool to some, stupid to others.


Nothin witty to say right now, sorry.

Hey, what's wrong with you?
*gasp* *pant*
Had to run from...Samus...
Hmmm, maybe you can help me!
With what?
I have a plan!
Hey guys! Look what I found! Come on, come look! It's really cool!
See! See! Look! Isn't it awesome!
...not really
No, dude, this is perfect for my plan!! Listen up!

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and related characters are all property of Nintendo. Vorock, Rezuni, and all other original characters are my own creations. This comic was created soley by me, using only MSPaint. The html was based off of Hiroshi and Kabutroid's HTML and my own knowledge.