The Absinthe Glass cozy

Lucy - A cobbling together of knitted panels

An absinthe cozy
I'm not entirely sure how this worked. It started out as one large panel and two side-panels, the sides were unravelled and re-knitted into a single panel, the base of the foot was made, unravelled as well, re-knitted smaller, side panels attached to THAT, the whole shebang stitched together, buttons added to the front, and a drawstring to weave the front closed. And a neck strap, because why not :)

The upper portion is made from my Frosh '97 Engineering shirt, the base and strap is made from the 2005 Massillon Tigers state championship finalists shirt, and I needed a *liiiittle* bit more yarn to attach the buttons, so the final pop of green is from the Radio Fargo Moorhead shirt. A little bit of Engineering, a little bit of Tiger, and a little bit of radio, can't go too wrong with that combination.

It came out pretty well, considering the majority of it was cobbled together through trial-and-error more than anything else. It's got a dozen knots in it from the unravelling and re-knitting (and attaching all the panels together), but for the most part those are hidden on the inside. Overall, I'm happy with how it came out. It was a challenge trying to come up with a way of cozying a piece of stemware, but I like the result :)

Made Feb. 2017
An white knitted cozy with green drawstrings, made to loop over the head like a lanyard

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