The chainmaille samples

Multiple sizes, mostly 18-gauge and stainless steel

A big pile of different chainmaille weave samples.
This is actually a bit of a tale of sadness that brought this to life. Shortly after having finished the coif, I was laid off from my job. I fell into a pit of not wanting to do pretty much any chainmailling for a good 4 or so months. After a long while (and a gathering or two with other chainmaillers in Winnipeg), someone going by the name of "Sasandria" showed me a pile of different chainmaille samples. Seeing an awesome opportunity to practice new weaves, I lept at it with a mess of stainless steel rings. I separated all of the types of weaves into various "families" to ease in categorisation. Note: I take no credit for inventing these weaves (except Wilbert weave). I'm just making samples of them, which is unbelievably helpful when going to weave any of the uncommon ones.

The full bundle of weaves, all attached to a pale green caribiner, and laying on an offwhite surface.
'Full European' family:
European 4-1
European 4-1 on a bias
European 4-1 vertical
European 4-1 with scales (double sided opposite directions)
European 4-1 with scales (double sided)
European 4-1 with scales (reversed)
European 4-1 with scales (tightly woven)
European 4-1 with scales (loosely woven)
European 6-1
The European weaves, all spread out and labelled.
'Modified European' family:
Interwoven 4-1
The modified Euroean weaves, spread out on the offwhite surface.
'Full Persian' family:
Flat full Persian
Full Persian 6-1
B8FP (box ate full Persian)
Full Persian 8-1 grizzly
One and a half Persian
Lobster tail
The Half Persian family, spread out and labelled.
'Half Persian' family:
Half Persian 3-1
Half Persian 6-1
Half Persian 3+1 in 1
Half Persian 4-1
Double half Persian 3-1
GSG (great southern gathering)
One and a half HP 3-1
The Half Persian weaves, spread out on the surface.
'Japanese' family:
Japanese 4-1
Japanese 6-1
Japanese 8-2 cubic
The Japanese weaves, spread out.
'Round' family:
Captive inverted roundmaille (2 rings captured)
Captive inverted roundmaille (1 ring captured)
Inverted roundmaille
Turkish roundmaille
The round type of weaves all spread out.
'Orbital' family:
Power line
Baelrog's barb wire
Turkish orbital
The weaves with orbital connections all spread out and labelled.
'Multiple ring size' family:
Helm chain
This is not water
Solar eclipse
This is not food
Dragonscale (3 wide)
Dragonscale (2 wide)
Dragon's tail (Dragonscale 1 wide)
The weaves that use multiple ring sizes connected to a central ring, and spread out on a white surface.
'Spiral' family:
Magician's Chain / Jacob's ladder
Spiral chain 4-1
Inverted spiral
Sick chops
Jens pind linkage 5 (JPL 5)
Jens pind linkage 4 (JPL 4)
Jens pind linkage 3 (JPL)
The weaves that spiral, all spread out and labelled.
'Simple random' family:
Drunken Rhinos
Spinal weave
Tomato sandwich
Double Rover
RSD (rhino snorting drano)
Shaggy weave
Thinner weaves that didn't fit elsewhere on a single keyring, spread out and labelled.
'Complex random' family:
Wilbert weave
Bore worm
Persian dragonscale
Beez to butterflies
The more complicated random weaves, spread out and labelled.

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