Cork :: it's been ages since i was last here. i got nostalgic over the old webcomics i used to read and decided to stop by.
Zombie Com :: Simply Epic
AstroNinja :: i thought the site was dead a few years ago when i could no longer access the old domain but i just found it again when i went to google search it again
hax0rjax :: So glad I could help with the computer(s)!
Kabutroid :: Lol, welcome back!
Veemo :: I never thought in my life I'd be back on this e-web-worldwide-zone
Kabutroid :: Ok, so just like ignore that thing about needing to contact me for access to the shoutbox, I think we're just down to the entering one character bit there.
Kabuto :: Just testing a thing
Kabutroid :: Thank you ^_^
Sybex :: Awww yeahhh, new comics! WOOT! And congrats on on your graduation and 4.0 GPA! That's pretty damn impressive.
Kabutroid :: Problem solved.
Kabutroid :: Contact me for access to the shoutbox ^_^
Kabutroid :: Oh trolls. We'll work around that.

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