The top section of Kabutroid's YouTube channel, titled KatieLynne. It has a flower based background title image, and the profile pic is Kabutroid in a forest with a feather behind her ear.


Let's finally make a page to talk about this a little bit

See the YouTube channel for all your song-a-day needs, but this is just a quick page to talk about it a bit! So I started song-a-day on May 5th, 2018, pretty much entirely out of the idea of "Oohh, let's start singing a song every day!" A little bit later, I started googling around and discovered that this was a bit of a trend, for people to sing a song every day, tagged the #songadaychallenge. Generally speaking, everyone sang every day for a year. I... just kinda kept on going lol. I didn't start on January 1st, I just kinda started on a random, arbitrary day. I later realized that this was Cinco de Mayo, but it wasn't chosen for that, it was just kinda "oh, cool!", and works as a convenient way of remembering what day I started.

And yeah, it's a slice of life! I love it! You get a little clip of my life, and a little bit of a music, all in a minute or two! Will you see an awesome field, Dungeons and Dragons stuff, coffee, who knows! It's a little bit of my life, one day at a time ^_^

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