The housefly chronicles:

Close up pic of a fly sitting on Kabutroid's arm

Tales of friendship and adventure with my little fly friends

Following is a collection of tales that I've had with my little fly friends, beginning in 2021. Of earlier ages, I've always grown up around houseflies. We accepted them crawling on you, all land on your leg, little tickley. Eat the salt. And they clean themselves, like constantly! Probably more than a cat

So anyways, fly stories. The following are tales that I posted online, and am now moving to Zebeth. Future fly stories (such as the latest one, the current flies in residence). Read chronologically from earliest to latest.

August 30, 2021

When one of these little guys takes to you. He's been exploring me for a few hours, comes back after I move around or get something. Lol, I think that when they've found that they can crawl on your face, they consider you friend
A fly on Kabutroid's arm A fly on Kabutroid's wrist A fly on Kabutroid's hand

November 14, 2021

Tales of a housefly

Have you ever had a housefly that was just so happy with his spot on you, that he literally got angry when you moved? A short story.

So this one housefly, he had learned that I was friend, and actually pretty quickly, discovered that *inside the palm of my hand* was like the warmest spot in the world. Just a naturally sitting hand, kinda 2/3rds closed, and he went and crawled in there, parking himself right along one of the crease lines. Yah, inside my 2/3ds closed hand (now THATS trust!)

So, as is natural requirement, ones hand isn't exactly fond of absolute nonmotion for extended periods of time, you want to stretch your fingers, move a muscle, anything. And this little guy was happy in there. It was warm! It was dark. The big safe thing was protecting it. Win win!

Now I held on as long as my poor begging-to-twitch hands could bear, and opened my hand after a bit. He just sat there still, three legs in the crease. Just chilling. Me, knowing that this would not last, tried nudging him out. He budged a bit, but was adamant. I gently half-closed my hand again for another few minutes. Naturally, I could only keep motionless for like half the time and opened it again. I tried nudging him again, and he flew up for a second, then *straight back down* onto the hand, same spot. He *liked* that spot.

AAAAAAUUUGGGHHH, I cannot remain motionless forever!

I gave him a bit more time, my poor hand aching. Finally, I opened it again and poked him once more. He FLEW UP in a huff, literally SWATTED my other arm by flying into me as hard as he could, then landed on my wrist just... perturbed. I apologized to him profusely (as I did through all of this lol), and he just sat there on my arm, his "warm cozy spot" not being available any more.

I AM SO SORRY LITTLE ONE! My muscles are unable to handle nonmotion for that length of time, and I didn't wanna squish your little feet that were tucked so deeply in my hand creases!

I'm pretty sure that one stayed with me for another few days (window is always left open in summer), and just hung around until he galavanted off into the outdoors again. He likely kept landing on me off and on until then, most of the flies that came in did. They saw another housefly treat me as friend, shoot go land on that thing too! Lick the salt off my skin or whatever (they weren't biters).

Had about a dozen flies stay for several days this summer, so I have more tales if you're curious. The one that played hide and seek, the ones that got brave enough to land on my nose and forehead. That one guy one day landed *directly on my closed eyelid*, which I swear was a flex of "woah, check it out, I can land ON THIS THING'S EYEBALL!"

I have one little guy with me now, escaped the cold. It began snowing a few days after he came in, and he won't go back out the window now. It's taken this one a few days, but he's flying close to me often now, and follows me from room to room sometimes.
Housefly sitting on a plastic clothes hanger

November 21, 2021

I appear to be up to four pet flies now lol. It's below zero out, has been for a week, but three days ago the third one made an appearance, and just today I spotted a fourth!

I'm assuming they're finding my place through the humidity from the bath in the vents? I'm not sure, but they're finding a friendly place lol.

Two of them are comfortable enough to regularly come near me, the new ones still need to warm up to me lol. They usually do faster when they see from the others that it's safe. None of them fly away when I'm near though and talking to them, so I imagine they'll emerge more often soon.

Yah I'm a bit worried about that one that's close to the window, I think she's the newest (I think they're all female???). I'll keep an eye on her.
Another housefly on a clothes hanger Housefly on a window frame Another housefly on a window frame Housefly really close to the cold window

November 27, 2021

Fellow gobbos, I have a disgusting yet endearing story for you all. It involves houseflies.

So as some may remember, I have an affinity with houseflies, and they're all calm and stuff around me. And in the hayday of summer, a handful of them were welcome in my home, and took to being calm enough to land on me regularly. One of these was with me for several weeks.

Now, one day a female came in, and all was good in the world. They frolicked, had fun, several days were spent with them flying about my abode, happy as can be. Then the miraculous happened, and our resident female began to grow, and grow! And as her abdomen grew, the male excitedly danced about overhead, and the female as well, until she had found her place to stay, while being nearly too big to fly at all!

Directly. over. my. pillow. Not... not clinging to the hanger above the food dish or the mug with sugary leftovers? Nope, directly above your head! And they were excited, and happy, and calm when I came near and put my finger right beside them. Awwww, they had gotten to know the brood-mother so well, that the female was going to put her eggs right onto me, so that I might gestate her larvae!

And I lay there for a second, after noticing her perched directly. above. my. head. And I thought to myself... maybe... maybe she'll curve to the side, and aim for that dish. Nope, right above your head. Gonna... gonna lay those on my head there eh? Yup, directly in your eye!

Or in my ear. Or in my scalp. Or in my mouth. Y'know, I didn't really like any of these options. And she's all crawling about on the hanger right over my head, and the male is all flying around excitedly. And for a moment, a brief moment, I didn't want to let this beautiful dream change, and *hoped* that by some chance, they would choose the food dish.

Nnnnnnope, at some point reality popped in, and I didn't really want a festering pile of fly larvae inside of my eye socket. I took her little hanger, and brought it over to the bathroom, and put underneath her three dishes, and little blops of food around them in case she missed the dish when landing. And then I packed socks under the door frame because *u are not laying those in my eye socket I am so sorry I love you but I cannot grow those inside of my person*.

In the morning, she had chosen the bowl with the peanutbutter and jam inside, and I moved the little guys to the outdoors where they would have natural (not my eyeball tho) food and nature and stuff. And more fly families to grow up around.

And so, it could be perhaps that some of those came and visited later on, but this was the tale of how I almost had a fly lovingly lay her eggs on me.

Pic: fly patch that just arrived in the mail
Housefly patch sewn onto a grey computer bag

December 4, 2021

Anyone ever meet one of these guys? It's story time, I gots a story for you.

So this is swampland, you're knee-deep in, may I say it, pristine glorious swampwater, the reeds grow strong, a net of roots beneath your feet, the water so clear, you can make out every leaf of a fern.

You're merging through the grasses, like a large mammal, an animal in the ecosystem. The dragonflies float around you, moving in unison, or taking their flight arounds. You are in harmony with the atmosphere.

A dragonfly gets in your face, moving erratically and getting direct attention. Not five feet in front of you, a pine beetle sits at the top of a tall reed, nearly at chest height. The swamp grows calm around you, and you approach the beetle. Moving your hand forward, she excitedly scampers onto you, racing up your arm as fast as she can. You can feel it, the swamp can feel it, she is excited! The big monster thing is letting me crawl on it! Oh she took off like a dart, just full tilt, you quickly swing your other hand up to lead her onto that hand, and she pauses for a moment, then speeds up your other arm. You can almost feel her smiling as she races along.

She races too fast however, and your skin is not coarse, and she plummets into the waters beneath. The swamp is calm, despite this calamity. You feel all is well, and she had almost fallen off in a dizzy joy, ecstatic about the monster that she could climb on.

And that's how I met a pine beetle. Yah the swamp was calm, despite her falling and despite them all watching. She had a good day, I think
Pic of a pine beetle, a black beetle about an inch long with like 2 inch long antennae

December 14, 2021

Another fly story

Also telling it so I can remember it better myself

The fly who told me that it doesn't like apples.

So, one of my household flies this summer, I discovered liked sugary things. Like, when I left my mug out, he would especially crawl inside if there was iced tea residue in there, or sugary hot chocolate. So one day I left the big iced tea jug out, like just a 4liter milk thing I filled with iced tea, like it was empty and closed but there was that slight bit of sugars on the outside. And he LOVED that. Would crawl around on it constantly from the moment I put it out.

Now, one time I was eating an apple, and kinda asked it if he wanted any. He's crawling around there, so I try putting a little chunk on the top of the lid. I take my hand away, and like right away, he flies up, lands on it, then flies up again and lands to the side, rubbing his hands all heavily, like his feet were sticky! I hadn't thought of that and hadn't left him room to stand on the lid with it too!

So I take the apple piece away, and he's all watching me, and I replace it with a little tiny piece. He flies up, lands on the lid, and tastes the apple a few times. Then he then went and landed back on the side of the jug, and crawled around on there all happily.

Like awwwww, he noticed that I was giving him food, and then he like... knew to show me that he liked the side of the jug more (I was all cajoling him and sweet talking him whenever he excitedly tasted something of mine, so he... knew this animal's emotions or something lol). So yeah... his little tiny insect brain knew to show me that he liked this more, and I made sure the jug was always out for him

So yeah, little fly story

<no fresh pics just earlier fellas>

December 21, 2021

Another fly story

This one from outside!

It was late in autumn, the air getting crisper, and the grass was getting dry. I decided to hike out to a nearby forest edge to sit, and leave some peanuts for the forest critters of the area (and to kinda sit in nature, but you've gotta bring treats for the animals).

So a few minutes after I sat down, two BIG flies landed on me. Like the guy in the pic (tho not this exact one), just a built looking thing. One on my leg, one on the edge of my jacket.

So I sat there for a few minutes talking to them, "hey there big guy, how you doing today? Finding lots of food I hope?", and that type of thing. So all of a sudden, the one on my leg went into absolute i.n.v.e.s.t.i.g.a.t.e. mode, like I have never seen a fly move so mechanically. If I had to put an attitude behind it, it would be "I am taking up the important position at this point and investigating it for trouble and/or food", like hardcore. So he lands on my hand, and in the most mechanical "I will see what you are" mode that I've ever seen, he strictly set himself to climbing over my hand, almost seeming to avoid eye contact or something, and very mechanically marched all over it once or twice, before flying off without a word. Just... wow, you had a job to be done and you just went and did exactly that there, eh?

Now I'm not sure what exactly he was after, because these beasts **could** have bitten me, I have no doubt in my mind about that. But he didn't, none of them did. He just... investigated the giant pink monster and took off without a glance at me. Very strange.

His friend stayed around for another few minutes, resting on my jacket, and I kept on talking to him for a bit. I wished to them that my peanuts would draw in a mouse perhaps for them to attack and eat (I'm rooting for the fly right now I'm sorry lol), and at some point, when I glanced down again the second one had taken off too. So a bit of an unusual fly story for you, that one fly who was just... set on checking me out after stopping by for a minute
A hornet maybe? A really really big outdoor fly

December 21, 2021

One more housefly story

This is the story of the fly that almost got sucked out the window on a windy day but made it back in.

So this summer, this one housefly had come in through my open, screenless window to let birds and such in, and stayed with me for about a week. The window was opened every day, but he never left, just enjoying the safety, food scraps, and my pleasant nature. He would often crawl over my empty coffee mug to lap up anything on the walls, or my food bowl, and was happy just chilling in my space.

So he's been with me for a week, friendly as can be, and often followed me around the apartment and landed on my back if I was hunched over working on an art piece or something.

This one day, it was windy outside, and I left the window closed. Normal occurrence, I'd left it closed one or two other days. At some point, I picked up a leaf off the carpet, and opened the window momentarily to toss it out. Now, I almost had thought that I saw a black dot zip past, but chalked it up to fear at the moment. A few moments more passed, and I called out to my friend, seeing nothing.

I fearfully looked out the window, and there on the outside edge of the windowsill was my little fly friend, clinging to the wood, the wind whooshing past him. Terrified of losing my friend, I opened the window, and he didn't move. The wind, he didn't want to be carried away! I maneuvered my hands to create a wall between him and the wind, and he *s*h*a*k*i*l*y* flew inside again, like... stutter-flying. I swear we were both having a heart attack lol. He landed on the inside sill, and I quickly closed the window. He immediately after closing it, flew up and landed on the glass a few times, making sure it was solid. After a few moments of rest, he returned to normal, and we went about our day again.

I could tell he was scared of the window after that though, and would avoid going near it, and even on calm days I could see him avoiding the window and acting agitated and scared if I opened it. That was the several weeks that the window stayed closed entirely, as I didn't want him to be scared again. He stayed with me for the rest of his days, playing in the food bowl or flying happily in circles around them in the morning to greet me when I woke up. The morning that his old age caught up to him, I found him near the bed on the ground (looking frantically because he wasn't flying around me that morning), still just partially twitching. I held him in my hand, letting his still moving arm to grip my fingerprint ridges until he lay still. He was definitely the fly that got closest to me, and saw me as a friend for all of his indoor life.

I still think about this guy, resting on the hangers above my bed, or flying around and landing on my arm, or eating what's left in my mug. He was the friendliest of them ❤

Photo: I think this is actually him, of the housefly photos in my phone
That earlier pic of a fly on Kabutroid's arm shown again
<oh my goodness this poor little guy!>

January 3, 2022

One more fly story

So this one involves that housefly that almost got sucked out the window on a windy day but made it back inside. At some point during his stay, I was... y'know, having regular baths and such, and I noticed that after he entered the room while I was in there, he flew around staggeredly before retreating to by the door. I opened the window a crack, and within minutes he returned to investigate.

Now this guy had trust in me, like... wow I've never seen this before. So he took a few test landings on me, on various parts of my leg that were out of the water or my arm. And at some point, and I could tell he was doing this, he was trying to find a position where he could cling as close to the water as he could, in the steamy warmth (maybe he just had to get used to the steam a bit, or the window helped or the water cooled slightly), while still being in a position where if he fell he wouldn't land in the water. He started out by like... just walking on my leg close to the water, and soon found... k like, my knees are out of the water and my legs resting against eachother to one side kinda thing, and he clung to my left leg *right* where the legs met, and right at the water line. So like... the water was right at that point of the legs touching eachother (man I was so still at this point I didn't want to make a ripple), and he clung to the upper leg, kinda partially upside-down, hanging directly above the other leg so that if he fell, he would land on the skin of the lower leg, just a sliver above the water level.

And the little guy stayed like that, for I dunno, ten, fifteen minutes or something. I didn't move, he didn't move, and we just sat there enjoying the water, the slight breeze coming in, and the steam of the water. It was gorgeous.

He always followed me to the bath after that, and I always had the (screened) window open a crack (which also taught me to do this for future houseflies lol). Not in the same place necessarily, but he would be on my leg, or my arm, or on the shower curtain, or just flying from one spot to another. Just relaxing, thinking, and feeling my little fly friend crawl around on me

Another fly story

<he loved that little bath!>

January 26, 2022

The fly that I played hide and seek with

So one more fly story for you still. This one was with that fly that almost got lost in the wind.

So after several weeks with me, this fly had developed a behaviour of sorts. K, some backstory. So like, I loved this thing, I'd... chat with it regularly, it flew in happy circles over the food plate in the mornings, like, it was happy. And ok now I'm going on assumptions here, but I figure that the fly learned that by making me happy, it gets happier, because I pay more attention to it and like chat and stuff, send good vibes.

So, after weeks in here, his little fly brain had developed a game, and it was called "be all visible to her, and like happy dance and stuff, and then suddenly use my fly hiding skills to jump out of sight, and then stay there until she spots me". Honest to heavens, it had developed this game, where it would fly around all visible, and then go hidden at some time after a few seconds, and then when I spot him, the second my eyes lock onto him, he crouches down! He was waiting for me to spot him, and then crouched to let me know that he knows I spotted him! And then I'd be all excited and sending good vibes and he'd pick up on that, and it's a feedback loop. He created a hide and seek game with me!

And that's the fly that learned how to play hide and seek. We played it like 5 or 6 times, different rooms and stuff. Kitchen a handful of times. He probably did it a few times before I picked up on it too, so cool, he played a game with me!

I also played 'chase', with him, where he'd like... half-effortly fly around the room and I'd like... chase him, and half-grasped towards him and stuff. The goal was to get like about... a foot from actual contact I guess, was our goal and stuff. We played that a few times

So another fly story for you

<he was so happy!>

February 6, 2022

Alright. Alright alright alright alright alright, one more fly story. The fly that looked for me

I'm not sure if this is a mark of their intelligence, or whether this thing had bonded with me a bit. My bit is on the latter, so hear me out.

So, during my many baths, this fly had taken to wandering in for a minute, buzzing about, then flying out of the room again. So this one bath, I had the curtain closed this time, and the door open a crack for him. Just... of vaguely wondering if he will come in and I won't be able to see him, like he didn't come in every bath.

But sure enough, 3/4 of the way through my usual soaking, we see a lil fly appear at the top of the curtain, and he buzzes down in a spiral kinda, hovering over me for a few seconds, the spirals his way back up and over the top again. The lil guy had found me missing and went looking for me

So that's the tale, of the fly that went looking for me

<awwwww, where... where'd she go >

March 30, 2022

These flies seem to be getting to know us, my friend who I'm presently living with and I. They must have been hibernating somewhere since they showed up in March, possibly from the basement. I told my friend of my tales, and started talking to these little critters.

It's taken about a week, but they've started acknowledging us (I told you they were intelligent), deliberately getting into my vision, and then leading me to another room where he just... hung out. This just happened in the past few days, they showed up about 2 weeks ago, and I've been talking to them any time I see them, and just now (computer was under repairs for half a year), it definitely deliberately led me from the room to the central area, where it just kinda perched on the fan's pull chain.

When I started talking to it, it crunched down onto the chain, like friendly like. It was letting me know it's friend. Like my friend came up here too, since this was all big and stuff, and talked to it too. And I warned it away from the cats, like I've been doing, talking gently to them, then talking... cautionarily towards the cat, pantomiming as much as I can. And he like lets us get close to him, within a foot or so. D'awwwww, he's starting to know us.
Housefly on a lamp shade Two houseflies on the lamp shade

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Lil fly flying around