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Pilot Episode 00: The Gift

Description: 22" Half Persian 3-1 titanium necklace

A jewellery exchange through Reddit Gifts. Also, a trial run to test camera angles, run some ideas through in my head, see what happens. It's only capable of going up from here.

Construction: 3/32" ID, 18 gauge, grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings
Episode 01: The Möbius Ring

Description: One and a half HP 3-1 weave, twisted and joined

An infinite spiral of circles. Something that's just really fun to play with, loose enough to twiddle about with your fingers.

Construction: 3/8" ID, 18 gauge, stainless steel alloy 304 rings
Episode 02: The Coaster

Description: It's a coaster! You can put drinks on it.

I've made many similar things over the years, and given most of them away. Figured I'd take the opportunity to show that I do more than just chainmail.

Construction: 1/8" ID crow beads, 1/8" 100% polyester black ribbon
Episode 03: The Klein Bagel

Description: The figure 8 immersion of the Klein Bottle, made manifest in steel.

And of course, a steel ball inside to travel the infinite circuit.

Construction: 3/16" ID, 18 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings, 8mm steel ball bearing
Bonus Giveaway 01: The Five of Diamonds

Description: Hiking staff whittled while camping at Opapiskaw lake

Slowly whittled using nothing more than a pocket knife over three days. Was used by myself throughout all days for hiking/etc. As it was unrecorded, it was created purely for the purposes of giving away. See inside for details.

Construction: 150cm tree trunk (unsure which... spruce, pine, one of the conifers)
Episode 04: The Triskelion Knot

Description: Half-Persian 6-1 weave, knotted

A particularly dense weave, unsuitable as a bracelet, but amazing when knotted. Made using my favourite ring size.

Construction: 3/8" ID, 16 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings
Episode 05: The Scale Dicepurse

Description: A two-chambered dice purse, made from stainless steel and titanium

A heart-container shaped dicebag that morphed into a dicepurse. Dual-chambered, and dual-purpose.

Construction: 3/16" ID, 18 gauge; 3/32", 20 gauge stainless steel alloy 304 rings; 3/16" ID stainless steel alloy 304 scales; 7/32" ID, 18 gauge; 3/16" ID, 16 gauge; 1/2" ID, 12 gauge grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings
Episode 06: The Titanium Earrings

Description: A classy and seductive pair of earrings in titanium.

A pair of earrings made entirely from light, hypoallergenic titanium. Accentuate your neckline with a pleasant jingling sound.

Construction: 3/32" ID, 20 gauge grade 5 titanium alloy TI6AL4V rings & french ear hooks
Episode 07: The Möbius Knot

Description: A Möbius Ring combined with a Triskelion Knot.

The fun of two thingies combined at last, making for a wonderful knotty adventure into the infinities!

Construction: 3/8" ID, 18 gauge, stainless steel alloy 304 rings

Jobs are fewer, food is expensive, and materials cost money. Thus, in conjunction with my preferred art-trade method of exchange, I'm willing to sell what I make for money. Therefore, I propose the following.

Make me an offer. Any offer under the sun. However, keep in mind these three points:
  1. Many hours have gone into the things I create, sometimes into the hundreds. I take great pride in my work.
  2. I don't like money. I dislike talking about it, dealing with it, and generally everything having to do with it. I'm just forced to endure in order to survive.
  3. I can survive on very little if I have to.
Be creative.

Or pay the default price, that works too. The goal's to survive, and that'd pretty much set me up :)

You can contact me through Facebook, email, Twitter, whatever suits you. I'm around. You might even catch me Live!

For how to send payment once all of that part is ironed out, whatever works out easiest for both of us. Bitcoin, Paypal, art trade, or some other method. If you want an item and I'm willing to part with it, I'm sure we can work something out. Try offering me something better than money, see what happens.


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