The wonderful whittled wooden spoon

Timothy is great. One of the integral parts of my kitchen set, I feel that it deserves a little bit of attention. Of all of the parts, it's one of the two pieces that survives what my hands cannot... touching the boiling water. Greybeard the Unadorned is the other half of that equation. So... I set out to make a custom wooden spoon befitting a piece so invaluable. After hunting around through several stores, I finally stumbled across a suitable wooden spoon.
The inside of the spoon I left alone, but added a Metroid to the underside, a heart on the front, and swirly lines over the rest. I like to add a heart to most of my pieces if I have a chance. The grooves ended up being carved fairly deep, but I haven't seen any problems of wood fibers pulling up or slivers coming off. I certainly didn't want to cover it in varnish or anything, being in more or less daily contact with my food, but he's holding up wonderfully. He's also smooth and well-weighted, so that I can spin him around in my hand while waiting for the water to boil :)

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