Secret Zone

Random act of violence employed by Kabutroid #4:

This act is more along the lines of just being a jerk... For you see, Kabutroid's brother lived in the same apartment with her. Should her brother's girlfriend have some form of stuffed animal with them, and they leave the apartment, leaving behind this little stuffed friend, it's time for Kabutroid to get to work. She obviously won't destroy it... because then she'd just be a complete and total jackass. I'm more of a jerk personally. Aaaaanyway, I'm left alone with this stuffed animal in question. I'll find me some random string... or a belt... or anything vaguely string-like. Then, I'll make a makeshift noose out of it (you see where this is going). THEN... obviously... I'll hang the little fella somewhere in the apartment... see how long it takes them to find it. Ehehehehe... but they know me pretty well, so they basically expect this kinda stuff from me. But regardless, she's still like "Ahh... how could you hang poor mr. snuggles" or whatever the fuck it's called. Ah yes... go mental violence >:}

I don't do things like that any more though. Mostly.

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